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2019 Bathroom Trends

If you’re getting a case of deja vu as you scroll through this list, you’re not wrong! Retro is in full swing this year, with these former statement trends making a resurgence in 2019 bathroom design – but with a modern twist.

The humble bathroom is fast becoming a place of luxury and inner sanctuary in the home. A place to go and unwind from the stress of the day. If it’s inspiration that you’re after, we hope these 2019 bathroom trends courtesy of Homes to Love, help to spark some creativity (and perhaps even nostalgia) for you.

1. Pink and Pastel Tones

The popularity of pink we saw in bathroom design last year, has not gone anywhere. In fact, many suppliers are now selling not only tiles in this playful colour, but also basins and bathtubs.

If you’re a lover of colour, this fun hue’s for you!
[Image via Norsu Home]

2. Terrazzo

What a comeback! Terrazzo is a composite surface made up of chips of marble, glass and stone set in a cement or resin base. It offers the best of both worlds, with a textured pattern and a smooth surface. 

The best part about it? It’s so versatile when it comes to style! From a contemporary look when paired with all-white, to a retro retreat accompanied with timber and brass. To tie it all together, match the flecks of your terrazzo tiles to other features in the room, such as tapware and wall tiles. 
[Image via Homes to Love]

3. Wallpaper

If it’s a cost-effective way you’re looking to make a statement in your bathroom, ditch the tiles and reach for the wallpaper.

Bold patterns, colours and even textured designs are all proving very popular at the moment. Accent walls in particular, can create a powerful impression and add real character to your bathroom.
[Image via Beckiowens]

4. Coloured Sinks

Gone are the days of white porcelain being the only option available when it comes to bathroom sink design. The growing popularity of concrete basins, means there are now a range of shapes, sizes and colour choices out there.  

When it comes to a statement sink however, experts warn that less is more. Aim for harmony in your bathroom with simplicity and quality. Make just one aspect of the bathroom a highlight, and have everything else complement - not compete - with that statement piece.
[Image via Style Files]

5. Metallic Tapware

Metallic colours are renowned for adding a bit of glitz and glamour to any space including the bathroom. Tones such as copper, gold and rose gold, have become increasingly popular in bathroom accessories, particularly when tapware replacement is one of the easiest and most-affordable ways to update your bathroom.   

The earthy, industrial look of the metallics, bring a warmth to what can often be a cold space in the home. Not only that, they are also compatible with most colour schemes. 
What's not to love!
[Image via The Block Shop]

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