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Fairley Trade Chat: 5 Minutes With Landscaper Jason Bacic

To kick off our ‘Fairley Trade Chat’ series, we sat down with Jason from North Shore Decks and Landscapes to answer all of your burning, landscaping questions.

Let’s start with the basics! Jason, what is the difference between a landscaper and a gardener?

Landscapers are a licensed trade who specialise in both outdoor constructions and soft scape (plants, turf etc). Generally, once a garden or yard has been designed and constructed by a landscaper, a gardener can then be contracted to maintain the soft scape ongoing.

At what stage should landscaping be considered in a renovation project? 

Ideally, landscaping is considered early on in a renovation project. Particularly if the majority of the landscape works are to be completed in the rear yard of the property which often has restricted access. Early planning especially while earthmoving machinery is on site, could save you thousands of dollars in labour costs for excavation, material handling etc. Great communication between the client, builder and landscaper is a must in all renovation projects. 

For anyone looking to improve on their yard, what are the biggest trends you’re seeing in landscaping in 2019?

Decking, pergolas, fire pits and entertaining areas are always on trend and very popular additions. We’ve found that tiered gardens are also big this year. You can’t go wrong with incorporating natural stone and hardwood timber into your yard design, whether it’s via construction or furniture. Edible gardens are the must-have item in soft scape.

What do you consider are the ‘must haves’ for a family-friendly backyard?

It’s great to have an even area of turf and paving or decking for outdoor games, play and scooter riding. Shade is super important especially in summer, pergolas or even large umbrellas are always a great shade solution. Sensory gardens and cubby houses keep the kids happy and entertained. Fire pits and comfortable outdoor seating for entertaining or relaxing on the weekends are always great too. 

What does a client need to do or know before engaging a landscaper?

You can engage a landscaper to assist in the design and construction of your garden or if you already have a good idea of what you’re after, we can simply come in to make it happen. It’s always helpful if the desired functionality of the yard or area has been considered up front. For example whether your focus is on entertaining, being kid-friendly, or creating a relaxing retreat etc. Communicating these ideas will ensure that the project heads in the right direction. 

Get started on your outdoor space now, ahead of the summer entertaining season by contacting us here.

Jason Bacic from North Shore Decks and Landscapes is a trusted contractor of Fairley Constructions.